What is Bold Poker?

Bold Poker is your personal poker dealer. It shuffles and deals a digital deck of cards so you can play Texas hold’em or Omaha with nearby friends. You can play with anyone who has an iOS or Android device, so find some poker chips, grab a snack, and play some futuristic poker!

What isn’t Bold Poker?

Bold Poker isn’t a stand-alone poker game against a computer or other people online. Bold Poker is a tool for playing real-life poker. It’s not an all virtual poker game either as you’ll still be using real chips for the betting.

Why do I still need chips to play?

We think that chips offer the best possible user interface to do the betting.

Adding betting to the app would certainly add much complexity since there’s lot of additional information (e.g. blind-sizes, buy-ins, re-buys) the app would have to know about. You have to collect, shuffle and deal the cards on every hand you play but only few hands will have a showdown.

When playing with Bold Poker most people forget they’re even using an app to play after a few hands. This is what we’re most proud of.

Why should I use Bold Poker instead of a physical deck of cards?

Bold Poker upgrades your home game and makes it:

  • Faster: Play more hands per hour in your home game than in a casino.
  • Fairer: The perfect shuffle, every time. Bold Poker uses a tried-and-true, unbiased shuffling algorithm.
  • More fun: focus on playing hands and talking instead of wasting time dealing

What do I need to play?

To play Bold Poker, each player will need an iOS 7+ or Android 4+ device. For serious games, all devices should join the same wifi network (required on Android, iOS will look for nearby tables via Bluetooth). Only iOS devices can host, so you’ll also need one iOS device to host the game and display the board cards. We recommend an iPad for the best experience, but in a pinch you can host with an iPhone or iPod touch.

You’ll also need physical poker chips for betting.

What poker variants can I play?

Bold Poker supports Texas hold’em and Omaha. You can switch games by tapping the Info button and then tapping the Settings button on the Host.

Do I have to pay to play?

Nope! You can play as much as you want without paying a cent. After every 30 minutes of play, there will be a 5 minute break. You can remove these breaks by buying a 24-hour pass on an iOS device.

Do all the players have to buy a pass to remove the breaks?

Nope again. If any player using an iOS device buys a 24-hour pass, the breaks stay gone all night. You can even keep playing without breaks if the player who bought the pass leaves the table.

If the player who bought the pass hosts or joins a new table, though, they take their pass with them.

How many people can play?

Up to 10 people can join a table at once. Invite all your friends!

I’m having trouble hosting or joining a game.

We recommend that all devices join the same wifi network. This is required for Android players and recommended on iOS where nearby tables are also discovered via Bluetooth.

I have a question that’s not frequently asked.

Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer it!

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